About Us

Mining Surveys (UK) Ltd was formed in 1989, to provide a surveying and design service to the quarrying and landfill industries. With over 30 years’ experience as deep mine/opencast surveyors in the coal industry, the Company has extensive surveying knowledge and considers that today we remain at the forefront of surveying technology.

The company started out with two man EDMs, progressed to robotic EDMs, GPS (both post processing and real-time VRS) and as technology evolved, has invested in a 1.4km, long-range terrestrial laser scanner.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning Surveys (TLS Surveys) was developed to undertake specific non-contact survey work.

Our investments continue, and the Company has branched out into the exciting new field of “drone” surveys!

Aerial Inspection and Mapping Surveys Ltd (AIMS Ltd) is our latest venture with four, fully qualified and insured CAA pilots and carries out UAV surveys here and abroad.

AIMS Ltd’s UAV is one of the latest creations from Airborne Robotics and can accurately survey at a height of up to 120 metres above areas where it is difficult or dangerous to place a surveyor, such as crests/toes of rock faces or near a moving plant. Speed of data acquisition is unsurpassed, with tip surveys taking usually less than 10 minutes to fly/survey. Recent non-survey work has included video blasts, examining and reporting inaccessible plant roofs and corporate videos.

Our software has also kept pace with the ever more sophisticated hardware and we use a whole range of software packages. We are enthusiastic LSS users, amongst other applications.

LSS 3D Vision was developed after consultation with Mining Surveys (UK) Ltd and is exceeding all expectations. It has now broken down the limitations set by previous systems. LSS 3D Vision is a plug-in to LSS, which allows LSS users the fantastic opportunity of working directly with data derived from laser scanners and UAV/drones. Because of our close relationship with LSS, we understand the complexities of using the data and can ensure users are provided with the correct data format.

The surveying industry has seen many technological breakthroughs in recent years. We are constantly aware of all new methods of surveying and we enthusiastically embrace the best of these technologies, analysing them thoroughly against our tried and tested principles. In doing this, we provide our clients with an unparalleled, professional surveying and mapping service.