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Hello and welcome to the newest iteration of the Mining Surveys web presence! Soon to be the best place to come for Land Surveying knowledge, advice, and services.

We decided there was a need to update our look online. This is in part due to our collaborative efforts with our sister companies “Aerial Inspection and Mapping Surveys” and “Terrestrial Laser Scanning Surveys”. If you want to check out those websites, click on the images showing their homepage.

A preview of the AIMSurveys webpage. An aerial land surveying company with the latest technology

AIMSurveys Homepage

We hope to keep up to date with the news section of this website so please do keep coming back to find out more. Keep coming back to the news section and you should be able to see what we are doing.

A preview of the TLSSurveys webpage. Mining Surveys' sister company with laser scanners for land surveying and many more types of survey

TLSSurveys Homepage


For Those In The Dark, We Do Land Surveying

Mining Surveys (UK) Ltd was formed in 1989, to provide a surveying and design service to the quarrying and landfill industries. With over 30 years’ experience as deep mine/opencast surveyors in the coal industry. Therefore, the company has extensive surveying knowledge and considers that today we remain at the forefront of surveying technology.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if we can help you. No job is too small, so although this is Mining Surveys’ website, we have access to the equipment used by Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Aerial Inspection and Mapping. We are a very down-to-earth company. Most noteworthy, we’re willing to negotiate prices based on your budget. The best way to contact us is over email but leave us a phone number and we can call you to make sure we get the information we need. That way we can arrive at a fair price.

Feel Free To Browse

Our main areas of operation are Land Surveying and Setting Out. Take a look at the pages describing our Services and let us know what you think. Remember we are surveyors, not web masters so be kind!



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