Multirotor Mapping Drone For Sale

Mapping drone for sale.


Specifically designed to operate as an autonomous mapping drone.


Ideal for filming and inspection work.

Our multi rotor UAV is for sale. Built on a Sky Hero Little 6 frame with a pixhawk flight controller. Includes a a GoPro Hero Black camera and gimbal. Fully programmable for autonomous flight via ArduPilot Mission Planner and Tower app for Android.

Excelent fight times. Included in the package are Four small batteries (up to 10 minutes of flight time) and four large batteries (up to 15 minutes of flight time) .

Ideal for filming or inspection work. The package also includes two Taranis X9D Plus controllers. One, with a screen, used to control the UAV flight. The second, with a FPV headset, so a second operator can manoeuvre the GoPro camera.

It is easy to fly and has fantastic fail safe systems built-in, including automatic Return-to-Launch (RTL) before the power runs out. This is a great set up for anyone wanting to get into the UAV mapping market.

The results have been highly precise when compared to our XR6 and its Sony Nex 7 camera.

Below is a summary of everything you can get in this deal:

  • Sky Hero Little 6 UAV (with gimbal)
  • GoPro Hero Black
  • Eight batteries
  • Two Taranis X9D Plus Controllers
  • A flight video screen
  • FPV headset
  • Carry Case
  • 1 Days training in Mission Planing and Data processing

We can also provide any demo in the UK.

The total cost for this package is £5,500.00

If you would like to see pictures or videos of it or data produced by it please contact us at

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