Earthworks Design and Modelling Services

Earthworks design and modelling services to fit your needs.

Optimisation, of earthworks design, is fundamental to achieving the best value from any project. Whether it be a small civil engineering project, landfill site or quarry, virtual reality models can be used to quantify volumes and demonstrate the proposed landscape.

Earthworks Design and Modelling Services

  • Side wall design.
  • Access ramps and haul road.
  • Method of work and sequence of operations.
  • Initial cut to final void design.
  • Restoration and landscape design.
  • Visual impact assessments and screen design.

Waste Management

  • Landfill cell design including comparable requirements listed above.
  • Infill progress monitoring including consignment location in 3D.

Lagoons, Ponds and Lakes

  • Design for commercial and recreational use.
  • Water treatment areas, settling lagoons.
  • Size and capacity calculations.