Electricity Sub-Station Surveys

Electricity Sub-Station Surveys, Mapping and Monitoring using the very latest in remote surveying and non-contact data collection.

In terms of Health  & Safety, we believe, this method should be adopted in any industry where there are risks posed to surveyors. There are no poles, ranging rods, tape measures, yard sticks and no staffs or staff men.

Our rapid data collection system provides a massive saving, over conventional methods, in both time and money.

Plans sections and elevations can now be produced to a higher degree of accuracy than ever before.

Our quality control system is unrivalled in the UK using software not yet adopted by other Companies.

We use one of the fastest, high definition, long range laser scanners which outperforms other contemporary equipment.

With Trimble survey grade GPS and a Nikon D700 calibrated camera this became our solution for rapid non-contact data collection in live electricity compounds.

We also offer a clash detection service for existing infrastructure and overhead lines and for proposed developments.