Setting Out

Using many years of experience and the latest survey equipment we can set out any site features you require, from roads, sewers and foundations upwards.

Prior to setting out we check all relevant setting out data for accuracy, and upload directly to our loggers so eliminating input errors. We utilise state of the art instruments and survey methods most suited to the task, so giving a high positional accuracy. We are happy working with co‐ordinated and grid systems as required by main & sub‐contractors. Existing site survey control is always checked for accuracy.

  • Setting out and engineering
  • CAD services
  • Check surveys
  • Levelling
  • Pipeline surveys
  • Railway work
  • Setting out
  • Site visualisation
  • Topographical surveys

Before leaving site we ensure that all interested parties are clear about what has been set out and made aware of any potential problems observed. Initial topographic survey for design purposes.

  • Fix site to OS grid and datum
  • Accurate control networks and grid establishment
  • Volumetric/Cut & fill calculations
  • Setting out
  • Verification, monitoring and dimensional control