3D Visualisation

3D Visualisation – We provide assistance in assessing the visual impact a development will have on the surrounding area.


3D Visual Impact Assessment

3D Visual Impact Assessment

What does the proposed development look like? 3D images can be used in Environmental Impact Assessments.

Visual Influence Assessment

Visual Impact Assessment


How visible is the development from single or multiple locations. We can indicate how many targets can be seen from a grid of eye points.

Visual Intrusion Assessment



We can provide a numeric representation, taking account distance and obstructions, of the level of intrusion. When presenting the findings of a visual impact assessment report 3D Visualisations are an important illustration tool which has the flexibility to show different view points of a proposed development from different distances, angles and heights. In general:


  • We provide the client with a 3D Virtual model which can be easily navigated using a PC and the provided software application.
  • We can also provide a ‘3D Fly Through’ (in AVI played on Windows Media Player) which, as the name suggests, automatically takes the viewer around the model in a predetermined flight path.

3D visualisation

The 3D model is to scale, as it comes directly from our survey in conjunction with the information taken from plans of the proposal including heights of trees, buildings (accurately measured) the true extent of the development can be seen before the commencement of work.

3D Visualisation

3D digital terrain models can be viewed from any angle and can be moved through in real time, controlled by the Operator.

Photo Verification

Using long range remote surveying we can provide verified views for planning applications or public enquiries.